Sword and Scabbard

Replica Swords

All replica swords are custom make for licensee. 

Sword and Scabbard

Movie Replicas

All movie replicas are custom make for licensee.

Zinc Alloy Colors

Metal Products

We make metal items in a large variety of materials, zinc alloy, copper, bronze, steel, iron, aluminum, pewter etc. 

Beryllium Copper

Stands and Displays

Stands and displays can be printed with customer logo.

Display Rack

Wood and Bamboo Displays

Displays are for displaying swords, knives, food, jewelries etc. 

Beryllium Copper

Beryllium Copper Parts

The new technology we adopt to manufacture parts for lighters and glasses is the most advanced in China and only some German supplier has similar skills as ours in this industry.  We can achieve mirror surface and tolerance within +/-0.02mm, samples can be made in 10 days.